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About The Dirt Dudes

Fun Fact: Dirt Dudes UTV first started in April 2018 with the name Michigan Dirt. Dirt Dudes UTV is a SXS based YouTube channel about a group of friends doing all things side by side. Dirt Dudes UTV reaches other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to bring the best SXS content to the internet. Now Dirt Dudes UTV sells Aftermarket Assassins Parts and other great products from other companies as well. DD UTV's home base group consists of Chief (Zack), Nick, Break-It-Jake.

Each Dirt Dude also has a full time job besides doing all things Dirt Dudes UTV business. The love and passion that goes into off roading by each makes bringing this content out to the world worth it. This SXS family participates in trail rides and races all over the country and expects big things to happen this year.

Dirt Dudes THANKS everyone out there who has supported us from the beginning and those who may be new to the channel. NONE of this would be possible without YOU!