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  • This simple clutch compression tool makes changing your springs and helix a breeze!  
  • This tool will work excellent for your 2016+ RZR Turbo, Turbo S, RZR RS1, Pro XP, Can Am X3 and most likely others
  • If you have a 2016+ RZR XP 1000, RZR 1000 S, General, or RZR 900, make sure you use the #2 tool found HERE
  • This tool will also work on the Can Am X3 primary clutch for removing the primary spring.  It will also work on the X3 secondary clutch
  • If unsure what compression tool will fit your model, go with the #2 as it's smaller diameter will work in about anything
  • Will not work on 2014-15 XP 1000 models or models with the TIED secondary without purchasing this SPRING CUP
  • See instructions HERE
  • Part Number: 108-1005