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  • Fits all 2013-Up Ranger 900 & 1000 models 
  • *** Does not fit 2018+ Ranger's with the new body style/P90X clutch***
  • Does your jerky Ranger have you frustrated at times?  We found the same thing!  A work vehicle that is built to go from idle to engagement many times over it's life should not jump and jerk at the start.  Many will tell you that different clutches or clutch kits are the answer(in which they will work also).  We are here to tell you one small spring can fix your issue.  Located in Western Wisconsin, we have many Rangers around because they are so versatile.   Our local Ranger owners have been installing this spring for quite some time now and all have been extremely happy with the results.
  • No other clutching is normally needed
  • Smooth engagement right off idle
  • Easy installation.  Remove your grease zerk on your a-arm if yours has one.  Remove your clutch cover bolts (most are 8mm) then remove the clutch cover.  The front clutch is the primary clutch which is where we will change the spring.  First remove the primary clutch bolt (large on in the center).  This is a 13/16 socket.  Normally we use an impact wrench, but you can use a breaker bar with a large pry bar going through the clutch towers to hold it.   Next remove the 6 small 3/8" bolts holding the spring in place on the primary.  Release them evenly so you do not damage the bushing and use some caution as you will have a small amount of spring pressure.  Remove the factory spring and install our smooth engagement spring.  Align the X on the spring cover with the X on the clutch.  Install the 6 spring cover bolts, your primary clutch bolt (to 70-75ft-lbs), then install the clutch cover and grease zerk if you removed it.
  • See instructions HERE