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  • Fits all RZR XP 1000, all RZR 1000 S, and all Polaris General models. 
  • High quality replacement primary clutch for your Polaris 1000.  We have tested a great deal with this clutch to find it's an extremely good replacement to your worn out factory clutch.  This is a great addition to any of our clutch kits if you think you are in need of a new primary.
  • Most General 1000 models came with a 1 way bearing in the primary clutch for extra engine braking at very slow speeds.  This clutch has an option to come with the 1 way or 2 way bearing. This bearing controls engine braking at slower speeds 0-10mph roughly.  We suggest checking if your model has a 1 way or 2 way bearing and ordering the same way.
  • Clutches are fully assembled at in the USA with our HD weight rollers that are hardened instead of using bushings for longevity, AA HD buttons made from the toughest materials available.  These two wearable parts are the main reasons for clutch issues.  The center idler bearing is assembled using the very expensive isoflex grease which is meant to last and lubricate under high temp situations. We also tack weld the spider nut to ensure it does not move (very common issue).  These clutches are built to last but are non rebuildable/serviceable.
  • Spring & weights are not included with this clutch.  We suggest using this clutch with one of our clutch kits, or using the factory spring/weights.  
  • 6 month warranty against manufacturer defects.  This does not apply if you slipped your clutch or had it improperly calibrated. 
  • Part number: 108-1017