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  • Fits 2014-22 RZR XP 1000, General & General XP, RZR 1000 S (Trail 1000)
  • This kit replaces the buttons, rollers, and pins in your primary clutch
  • These are wearable items we found best to replace every 2500-4000 miles depending on use, dust conditions, and maintenance habits.
  • ***Sometimes the OEM clutch is simply worn out beyond repair.  Make sure you can properly diagnose a bad clutch before installing these items.***
  • NO WARRANTY on these items due to the nature of abuse, and many who are installing them in clutches that should ultimately be replaced
  • Includes: 6 AA Extreme primary clutch buttons, 3 roller pins, 6 roller washers, and 3 rollers
  • Uses our custom molded AA primary buttons.  These are made from the highest grade material for the application, and then Teflon infused for increased lubricity.  These slide better and last longer than OEM buttons.
  • Our AA extreme duty rollers have no bushings to wear out, the biggest problem with the OEM ones.  These are a custom machined bushing that is hardened for long life.  When installing these we suggest a small dab of anti-seize between the pin and roller or the roller may stick after time.  
  • Part #:  108-1050