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  • Secondary springs fit 2016-2020 RZR turbo, Turbo S, and RS1 models (Not Pro XP or 2021 RZR Turbo)
  • Springs are for replacing your worn out AA clutch kit springs or for the tuner that knows what springs they want
  • Unless advanced at clutch tuning we do not suggest running any springs without our clutch kit
  • Springs are measured at 2.16" & 1.14"
  • Teal 180-260:  This is a little softer than or standard purple spring and will drop RPM by 100-200
  • Purple Spring 165-275:  Our standard clutch spring in most clutch kits is our purple spring.  This is a great all around spring for great belt pinch while not being too stiff as being overly stiff can decrease acceleration.
  • Green Spring 170-300:  This is our 1 step stiffer secondary spring over the purple.  This will jump RPM up about 100-200 RPM and is a good choice for those wanting a little more spring pressure.  Often times instead of switching to the high load helix, we may try this secondary spring first to help offset a heavier machine or much larger tires.
  • Brown Spring 170-350:  This is a very stiff secondary spring and will jump RPM up around 300-400 RPM over the purple spring.  This should only be used in extreme cases where the vehicle is very very very heavy, or running extremely large tires without gear reduction