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Fits all 2022-Up RZR Pro R 4 Cylinder models **Prototype shown mounted in picture 2, picture 1 represents actual finish**


  • Looking for a header to complete the look and performance of your AA slip-on exhaust?  Then you need the AA stainless steel Pro R header!  The OEM header is an odd 2 into 2 into 1 design and has many areas to improve upon.  We set out to make a functional header that looks great.
  • Nearly 6RWHP peak and over 4 RWHP max gain over the stock header when used with AA ECU flash and AA slip-on exhaust.  This is nearly 8-9 crank horsepower gains at 60mph and does not lose any bottom end power.
  • Excellent low end to top end performance
  • Works great with our level 2 tune, clutch kit & other performance products
  • Baseline(OEM header) was tested, then we quickly swapped our final header design in place to show the most consistent/real gains in the same hour of each other.
  • Engineered to have equal length runners into the collector
  • Matches our slip-on exhaust perfectly
  • Stainless steel stepped header design for improved flow and longevity
  • Hydroblasted finish with rust inhibitor looks great and turns bronze with heat
  • Does not use factory heat shielding and should only be used with a slip-on exhaust with no catalytic converter
  • Made in-house at our facility in the USA
  • Extremely easy installation, bolts in like factory using OEM gaskets/mounting
  • Header includes a new gasket where it meets the cylinder head
  • Why the AA header over others?   We design, build, and ship everything in house.  Our header design has straight runners and goes around the frame rail like OEM which simply makes power.  Other headers may look great and run inside the rail, but they will not perform well because of the sharp bends off the head.


PN: 110-1014